Drupal – What can it do for your business?

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Drupal is a versatile, open and free software used to create stunning websites. Even if you are not technically trained Drupal offers you a range of tools to create beautiful websites for every need. Drupal basically comprises of two types of platforms – a development framework and a content management system, together.

Drupal can be easily used to create innovative sites such as:

  1. Portal
  2. Forum
  3. Blog
  4. Business websites
  5. Personal websites
  6. Social networking websites
  7. E-commerce website
  8. Resource directories

Drupal is ready-to-download-and-use software. It is written in PHP programming language. Anyone with a GPL (General Public License) can download and start using Drupal. It has one of the most active and biggest online support community. Drupal CMS allows businesses of all sizes to easily create, manage and support Drupal websites with loads of content. It supports a wide range of operating systems such as BSD, Solaris, Linux and Windows to name just a few.

Drupal can be used to build blogs, enterprise applications and stunning websites. It offers a number of themes and templates to choose from. As Drupal is a team-work of various contributors of the Drupal community it is versatile and an all-inclusive platform in itself. Using Drupal, you can build your very own customized portals, forums, e-stores and much more. Some of the established brand names which use Drupal are The Economist, The White House to name a few.

Very soon, Drupal is coming up with its newest version – Drupal 8. This will be one of the most customizable and easy to adapt platform. It will offer a number of ways to better and faster customize data, listings and web pages. It will offer new functionalities to users to easily showcase data on mobile, build API and focus on multilingual needs of the customers.

The main benefits of Drupal 8 are as follows:

  • Mobile-centric
  • Easy to customize
  • Improved content edit options
  • New system of configuration
  • Built-in web services
  • Language translator services
  • Custom display and form mode
  • Easy migration from any other version of Drupal to the new Drupal 8
  • Highly advanced APIs for developers
  • Latest front-end library support
  • Easier and more accessible interface
  • Fully Responsive

Being nurtured by an open source community Drupal empowers businesses to unleash their full potential. Its community constantly works to make Drupal a viable and up-to-date platform of current times. The vibrant community of Drupal renders its unlimited support to the platform via IRC channels, Drupal based events and forums. The community has a Drupal documentation which gives details of the various topics covered by it and related to it. Drupal runs on the collective innovation efforts of its members. Its community members are constantly improving and developing the platform to make it a viable and user-friendly platform of the future.

There are a number of giant industries which are using Drupal to empower their business. These are AOL Corporate, Popular Science, Sony Music, Warner Brothers, Team Sugar, NowPublic, DrupalSN to name a few.

Drupal allows users to easily and creatively categorize content via the Taxonomy system. It offers one of the most efficient language as it is written in PHP. With unlimited ease-of-use Drupal also provides a large selection of modules or themes for users to choose from.

With Drupal you can be assured of receiving the best of security. A specialised team of dedicated community contributors are present, at all times, to offer the best of security and privacy. Being web-based Drupal is compatible with all operating systems. Your server must meet a few basic system requirements to install and run Drupal.

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