July 5, 2013. This post refers to my OLD Website. Stay tuned for my post on my NEW Website

This is a short post to announce that I recently purchased the new domain, but I did not buy the Web space for it. So for now it will be redirected to a subdomain of this blog.

The beauty of this Website: it is a simplistic Website that I wrote using only HTML and CSS. There is absolutely NO JavaScript and NO Flash involved. In this case the Website is more user friendly, since the user, if needed, does not have to install or update any external plugins or enable any external libraries.

The Website´s layout is flexible, meaning full screen width on the header and footer and 3 flexible columns in the middle section. Resize you browser´s window and notice that it stays in shape, up to 800px in width.

There are still known issues with this Website’s rendering on some browsers, details are listed there, but I am working through them and hopefully I could resolve them. Enjoy! and I appreciate your feedback.

Old Website:

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