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This is a short post to announce (and advertise) my latest work: Byblos Rentals Website.

Byblos Land and Apartments Rentals.

It is a simple Website that I hand-coded using only XHTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Some characteristics of this Website are:

  1. It follows HTML and CSS standards required by the W3C.
  2. It follows accessibility standards required by Section 508 Federal law, and by the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 for people with disabilities.
  3. This Website was extensively tested to display and function properly on multiple browsers, and multiple versions.
  4. This Website was tested to display properly at different screen resolutions: from 1024 by 768px to 1920 by 1080px, and tested at different font sizes from 10px to 20px.
  5. All images and graphics were enhanced, resized, edited, and/or developed from scratch using Photoshop CS3 authoring tool. All images were optimized for the Web.
  6. The user´s inputs in the contact form are validated using JavaScript. The contact form is processed using a local PHP script and not through a Web service.
  7. This Website is on-page SEO optimized. It has been coded and copywrited with SEO in mind. SEO is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a Website from search engines via “natural” search results.
  8. This Website includes a custom error and custom response pages for the contact form. It also includes a custom 404 Not found page.
  9. This Website is styled for all media (especially for computer screen).
  10. In case JavaScript is disabled, intentionally or unintentionally by the user, this Website displays proper warning messages.
  11. Feel free to read the detailed procedure I follow to testing and validating a Website.

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My latest Work

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