Why a Website is Essential for a Small Business

There are still small business owners who are wondering whether they need a Website. Small businesses need an online presence as much as they need a phone. A Website has become an essential link between customers and businesses.

Most potential customers begin their search for a product online. Having a Website is very valuable for small businesses. Here are few reasons why small businesses MUST have a Website:

  1. The Web is increasingly becoming an important medium for businesses across the world.
  2. New customers will be able to locate you and repeat customers will always know how to find you.
  3. Your competitors are probably already on the Web attracting potential customers.
  4. More people are using the Internet to get information about businesses, products and services. If you don´t have a Website, you don´t have a chance.
  5. Your Website will promote your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  6. Your customers can buy your products and pay for them from their home.
  7. Your Website is better advertisement for your business for less money.
  8. You can update the information on your Website quickly.
  9. Your Website can reach potential customers locally, nationally or worldwide, at no additional cost to you.
  10. Your Website can convey a professional image, no matter how many employees you have.
  11. Your Website can help you improve customer service by providing information that visitors frequently ask.
  12. With Web analytics tools, you can keep track of your potential customers.
  13. Your Website will enhance perceived professionalism and builds credibility for your Business.
  14. Your Website is a virtual extension to your traditional business.
  15. Your Website can be a great Public Relations tool for your business.
  16. The internet is becoming a crucial part of any small business marketing strategy.

Why should I hire someone to develop my Website?

Your Website should reflect the same attention to detail and quality that you put into your business. You put a lot of hard work into creating the right image for your business and you want to carry that image over to the internet.

You could create your own Website, but do you have the eye for design and the technical savvy to create that great first impression? If you use a pre-built template, your Website may look like hundred others and not unique to your business. Also, web development is ever changing and you want to make sure your Website complies with the most browsers, reaches the most users, and meets the current Web standards.

Additionally, a Website that is developed right is an effective Internet marketing tool. Do you have the skills needed for that? Having a successful Website that attracts customers isn´t just creating few pages from a template. Just because you created it, doesn´t mean they will come. If you want your Website to work, you need to know how to optimize it for Search Engines, how to write effective content, and so on. Without the right Website, people will not be able to find your business online.

Website Marketing is Essential for a Small Business

Your Website should be an integral part of your advertising efforts. Internet marketing should be a crucial component of any small business. Consider Internet marketing as a way to grow your business and to attract customers. The internet provides a unique platform to “spread the word” about your business. Traditional forms of marketing and advertising, such as brochures and advertisements are fading and the Web is emerging to be best medium for Marketing.


When you decide to have a Website made, make sure you choose a developer who has the right knowledge and skills. Good marketing, Usability, Accessibility, Validation, and Search Engine Optimization are important factors in developing your Website. Your Website should not only look great, it should be easy to find and easy to use.

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