Gaining Website Authority – The Right Way

In the past, it was relatively easier to put Websites at the top of the search engine results with a little bit of tweaking of features like content and SEO. However, with Google´s Panda update, it is clear that Google wants to promote only those Websites with rich and authoritative content. Hence the concept of Website authority has gained even more significance. Traditionally, Website authority was directly related to Website traffic. Now, in order to make Google take your Website more seriously, you need to improve your Website´s authority. In this post, I will explain 3 simple steps to improve your Website authority.

1. Press Releases

Press releases are a sure-fire method of boosting your Website authority in front of your target audience. This method can also be used for boosting your Website authority in the eyes of search engines as well. There is no need to organize a big event in order to highlight it in a press release. For instance, you may organize even a small event like a small program at your local charity in which you can then inform everyone through a press release. Embed at least one or two deep links in the press release to point to your Website.

2. Guest Blog

You can even write a guest blog, as it helps you increase the trust between the reader and your Website. But this can happen only if the Website which you have chosen for guest posting is convincing and respected. You can write posts that involve out of the box thinking. For example, if you are a keen yoga enthusiast, you can blog about the creative aspects of yoga and post it on a health Website. Even getting links from reputed Websites such as .edu will help your Website gain the necessary authority.

3. Directory Listings

Directory listings can be a great method to gain authority. However, care must be taken that you submit to the paid directories to gain legit authority. Though you can submit to the many free directories available including your niche business, the paid directory listings will have more relevance.

Your Turn to Talk

To conclude, there are more ways to improve Website authority; however, it is not possible to cover all of them within the scope of this post. The best way, is to hire a reliable Web development company or Internet Marketing/SEO professional.

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  1. logo items says:

    Thanks for sharing this. This is a great help for the younger blogs who are trying to gain some name online.

  2. It’s all about trust with Google these days. You are right about guest blogging. It can really help with authority. Google likes to see multiple links from multiple domains. So by guest blogging you accomplish many great SEO wins. If guest posts get lots of links, even better.