The AbiChedid’s Days of the Week

The objective of this post is (hopefully) to cheer you up for April´s Fool day and also to celebrate my 98th post on this blog. I was supposed to publish this yesterday, on April First, but I am late. But as they say: “Better late than Sorry.”

You know the English version of the days of the Week, and this is the AbiChedid´s version:

The AbiChedid´s Days of the Week
English Version The AbiChedid’s Version Your Version
Monday Manday ?
Tuesday Tweetday ?
Wednesday Webday ?
Thursday Sourday ?
Friday Frauday ?
Saturday Sadday ?
Sunday Sinday or Funday ?


Since I started with Manday, I wanted to give Women equality {otherwise you know the rest of the story… :-)}. So I came up with Frauday. Frau in German means Mrs.

The third column will be your input. The reader.

Please, don´t ask me how to integrate this into your WordPress theme. :-)

Your Turn to Talk

This is the AbiChedid´s version of the days of the week. What is yours?

If you have your days of the week version, please share it in the Comments section. I will be happy to accept your input as long as it is not offensive, racist or bad language. Your opinion matters, unless it is a Spam.

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