Understanding the Significance of Using Symbols in Logo Design

Logo design is a challenging and creative task for a graphic design professional. It involves painstaking hours of research and brainstorming apart from the actual design work. It is possible to use various types of design elements for making stunning logos. A number of designers use various types of symbols for logo design. Some professionals also use symbols with text shapes for creating the desired effect. However, designing a logo relates with getting a grasp on human psychology. Graphic designers should be careful about using symbols in logos because certain symbols may have various connotations and their aptness may vary depending on the region and audience in some instances.

Logo design companies can use symbols for their clients´ logos after doing thorough research on the brand and their target customers. Some symbols are commonly used for many purposes, and by using them the designers may risk losing the exclusiveness of their design. The aim of a logo is sending a positive message and establishing brand identity among prospective customers. For example, sports teams often use various forms of crests and shields for their logos. They also use the abbreviated form of their names on or around the shape. Sometimes, organizations that have a rich legacy and association with heritage also use these symbols in their logos.

Animals are often used in logo design. They are used in different contexts. Animals like dogs stand for loyalty and devotion and they are used in logos of brands that want to portray commitment to customers. However, animals can also be used in the company logos that sell security and anti-theft devices. Brands selling products targeted at Women often resort to using small birds and cute animals in their logos. Before using animals in logos, designers should consider the countries where the products or services will be sold. This is essential as same animals are seen differently by people in various parts of the world. In addition, simple geometric shapes like triangles, ovals and rectangles are often used in logo design.

Arrows signify momentum and development. Globe shapes are used in the logo of companies that have a worldwide presence. Human heart shapes are used in logos of health related entities including hospitals and Health maintenance organization. Tree shapes are used in logos of organizations that deal with environmental issues, reflecting the concept of longevity and strength. Human figures and body parts like hands and eyes are sometimes used in logo design. Cartoon illustrations are used in logos of brands that sell kids products.

Using common symbols in logo design can be advantageous because target users can relate with them without much difficulty. A restaurant can use symbols like plates and forks in its logo sending a clear message about its services. It is also important to use proper colors with certain symbols, using many colors in a symbol can mar the look of a logo.

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  1. 99designs review says:

    Yes, really love when logos have a strong, clear symbol instead of all those text and type based logos around. An art director once told me one simple rule; make sure your logo fits into a small square at the right top of a page. This one definitely applies to that!

  2. Allen Edward says:

    This is the skill that I’ve been trying to develop for years. But unfortunately, I’m not that creative enough to do a good logo. Thanks for posting this article. Really help me realize some things.

  3. Good Article on logo design. Really get some knowledge through your article. this will really help to in creating logos.