3 Focused Apps for the Distracted Blogger

As any blogger will tell you, blogging is no simple task. There are so many aspects of maintaining a successful blog that go unnoticed and unmentioned for the most part. In many ways, maintaining a truly successful and active blog requires the same commitment that a second job would. Successful blogging demands constant attention. Bloggers have to update their blog regularly with new material, respond to comments and correspondences each day, maintain the workability of their blog, find new avenues for inspiration, and much more. No doubt, one of the most difficult aspects of blogging is staying on top of each of the tasks at hand for that day. Staying focused is one of the hardest things to master when your tasks involve or require the Internet (the single most distracting entity in the world).

If you easily get distracted, then these 3 tools are perfect for you, keeping you focused on your tasks.

1. SelfControl


Only available on Mac OS X operating system, this application allows users to block access to mail servers and Websites for a predetermined amount of time. Aptly named, SelfControl gives people the control they need to stay off of problem Websites. Because the Internet has so much to offer, it can be truly difficult to keep yourself on task. Bloggers who are easily distracted by Facebook stalking, Twitter updates, viral YouTube videos, and constant Email checking may find good use out of the SelfControl Application. Use SelfControl to blog access to Facebook, Twitter, and your Email for the 2 hours you have dedicated to writing your next blog post. SelfControl will not allow you to access the Websites that you chose to block for the period of time that you selected no matter what. This tool can be very useful for a blogger trying to meet a deadline or stay focused for an extended period of time.

2. Ommwriter


Now available for both Mac and Windows users, Ommwriter is a great specialized writing platform for writers and bloggers. Ommwriter seeks to provide writers with an environment that is calm, relaxing, and distraction-less. Allowing you to completely customize your space, Ommwriter offers different fonts, sizes, colors, and backgrounds to choose from for your space. You can completely personalize your own work space with as much color and inspiration as you need or as little sparkle as possible. Use the typing sound available with the application to help you find a flow with your writing. Also, Ommwriter allows you to softly play music in the background while you are working. Ommwriter enables users to create a workspace that is most productive for them and also attempts to create a space that is creatively inspiring, making it perfect for the busy and distracted blogger.

3. CinemaDrape


This wonderfully simple tool helps users focus on one task at a time on their computer screen. For some, working on a computer can be difficult because there are so many other things on your system vying for your attention. CinemaDrape allows you to dim or blackout all of the things in the background of the program, video, Webpage, or document you are trying to concentrate on. This tool can be very useful for bloggers who are easily distracted or simply prefer a clean workspace. While this tool is not as extreme as the SelfControl app, CinemaDrape can be very useful. Also, this app allows you to save your settings so that you can blackout all the same areas of your screen when you select that saved option. You can name this setting whatever you like so as to speed up the process. So, bloggers can name a specific setting “Writing Time” and select that when they want their computer to block out everything except your text editor while you write.

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  2. Patricia says:

    I need those apps very much. The first one is kind of cool. Will really limit your access to other programs until you finish blogging!

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    Hello.You have written a great post. Thanks for sharing.