Lebanon, Byblos (Jbeil). Lebanon, Jeita Grotto. Flag of Lebanon representing the war.

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Capital of Lebanon, Beirut.

Byblos (Jbeil).

Deir El Qamar village in the Chouf region.

Tyre, south of Lebanon.


The land of warmth and hospitality. Lebanon’s 10,452 square Kilometers are packed with history, archeology, natural beauty and a population of fun-loving people whose hospitality and warmth extend the length of the country.

From its Mediterranean coast to its snow covered mountains, Lebanon is unlike any other place in the Middle East. The country’s 225-Kilometer coastline and two ranges of mountains leave little room for stereotyping.

Many Lebanese people speak French, English in addition to the native language, Arabic. Foreign magazines are available, and local press publishes in Arabic, French and English. Lebanon capitalizes on the initiative of its people and its geographical location to make up for its lack of natural resources.

North of Lebanon. South of Lebanon. East of Lebanon. On the Mediterranean Sea. Greater Beirut area On the Mediterranean Sea. Byblos. Center of Lebanon. Mount Lebanon. Map of Lebanon showing different regions. Click on different areas of the map to learn about different regions of Lebanon.