additional info. LED Product additional info. Power Supply  
       Name HF2 Chain OT15/120/24
  additional info. NAED# 70165 51513  
  Product Parameters
  additional info. Luminous Flux/reel 1320.00 lumen
  additional info. Luminous Flux/Board lumen
  additional info. Luminous Flux/LED lumen
  additional info. LED Efficiency/reel lumen/watt
  additional info. Length/reel 12.0 feet
  additional info. Boards/reel 18 boards
  additional info. Power/reel 52.00 watt
  additional info. Power/Board watt
  additional info. Boards/foot 1.5 boards
  additional info. Power Supply Voltage 24.0 volt
  additional info. Power Supply Output Power 75 watt
  additional info. Luminance scale factor 1.0  
  additional info. Channel Efficiency* 0.5  
  For a higher efficient signs, we assume a fixed Channel Efficiency of 0.5. Brightness will go up proportionally.

* For HF2 Chain, the target brightness is 300 nits.
  Design Inputs Outputs (Detailed Bill Of Material/Performance)
  additional info.
Channel Letters
additional info.
Channel Length
additional info.
Channel Width
additional info.
Channel Depth
additional info.
Number of Strokes
additional info.
Board density
additional info.
Channel Area
additional info.
Number of Boards
additional info.
Length of LED strip
additional info.
additional info.
Luminous Flux
additional info.
Luminance of Face*
  n/a [inch] [inch] [inch] [ea] [ea/ft] [m2] [ea] [ft] [watt] [lumen] [nits]
  additional info. TOTAL    
  Summary of Bill Of Material
    additional info.
additional info.
additional info.
  HF2 Chain 70165 reel(s)
  Power Supply 51513 unit(s)
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