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As of April 5, 2011, this Website is no longer being updated. Please visit Boutros AbiChedid Blog or Boutros AbiChedid.

See this Website as aFLASH movie.
See this Website as aDynamic FLASH movie.


Welcome to Bac Software Consulting. My name is Boutros AbiChedid and I have been in this business for about 4.5 years, and I am passionate about web design and web programming. Each project I work on gets my full attention. My goal is to provide professional, affordable and accessible web development services for private individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations and help you achieve an online presence that delivers the very best for you and your clients. My mission is to consistently exceed your expectations by providing flexible, high quality Web Technology solutions on time, every time.

About Me

I am a freelance programmer who specializes in building websites with functionality. My websites are creative and built on solid technological foundations and compliance considerations. A successful website attracts its users to further explore it.

With about 4.5 years of Web developing and Web design experience, and about six years of traditional programming, I understand Internet business and have solid web programming and designing skills (XHTML, HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, ActionScript, PHP, ColdFusion, SQL, DNS, Flash, and Photoshop), and I will be learning many more. As such, I continue taking web design and web programming courses at, and I just finished course number 27. Furthermore, I am knowledgeable of the newest design standards suggested by the W3C, the standards under the Federal Section 508 guidelines, and the requirements by the ADA. As such, I design web sites to comply with both the client´s needs and the required standards and guidelines.

You know you found the right person for your project if you are looking for:

  • Professionalism, strict attention to detail and a passion for quality.
  • Strong work ethics.
  • Appreciation for clean, elegant, simple code and documentation.
  • Someone who develops websites with great aesthetics and pure simplicity.
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills and positive, customer-focused attitude.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Superb documentation skills and strong aesthetic sense.
  • Strong analytical and proactive in problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.
  • Ability to innovate, prioritize and multi-task.
  • Efficiency, and getting the job done right.
  • Someone who is reliable and dependable.
  • Excellent understanding of cross-browser limitations and issues.
  • In-depth knowledge of current Web developing and scripting languages: HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, CFML, SQL, Flash, ActionScript, Photoshop, and more.
  • Passion and ability for learning new web and authoring technologies.
  • Someone who is self-motivated, a quick learner, and have a curious mind.

Boutros AbiChedid


BAC SOFTWARE CONSULTING is a web design and development company which provides full service website construction for your business or personal needs, including domain registration, web hosting, web design, web development, web maintenance, and web based programming.

These are the services offered:

  • Build a new Customized Website: Web site design is much more than graphics, fonts and colors. Bac Software Consulting can help you build a high-quality, well-structured web site, customized to your needs.
  • Build a Flash website for your company.
  • Upgrade an existing Website to run more efficiently, be more dynamic, and generally achieve more.
  • Convert your old website into a W3C web standard and Section 508 compliant Website. Why is that important? Here are ten reasons.
  • Completely redesign an existing web site´s organization, layout and look.
  • Maintain your Website.
  • Design Logos and Business Cards for your company.
  • Custom web application development and advanced web programming.
  • Provide miscellaneous software and web consulting services.
  • Photo Restoration.

I look forward to developing a long lasting relationship with you. What are your needs? If you would like to know what I can do for you, please contact me with questions. If you would like to learn more about my qualifications, please see my résumé.

Thanks for visiting!

Summary of the Programming Languages that I currently know.
Web Languages Proficiency
HTML/XHTML Excellent
CSS Excellent
JavaScript Excellent
Flash/ActionScript Excellent
Photoshop Excellent
XML Very Good
ColdFusion Very Good
SQL Very Good
Database Design Very Good
PHP Excellent
MySQL Very Good
SEO Very Good
Traditional Languages Proficiency
C++ Very Good
C Very Good

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