About Me

I specialize in Web and Document Accessibility (WCAG 2.1, WAI-ARIA 1.1, UAAG 2.0, ATAG 2.0, ADA Section 508), Drupal and WordPress with a focus on delivering robust, clean, efficient and maintainable solutions. My goal is to achieve high website standards and governance by focusing on web accessibility, document accessibility, QA, SEO, web performance and user experience.

I am a strong believer that an organization can achieve full inclusion and complies with disability laws by making accessibility integral of everyone’s role, through training and building accessibility compliance into the early stages of design, development and procurement processes.


Web Director, Accessibility Director, Accessibility Associate Director, Accessibility Team Lead or Accessibility Training position.


  • Document Accessibility: MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel and Adobe Acrobat
  • Web Accessibility: WCAG 2.1, WAI-ARIA 1.1, UAAG 2.0, ATAG 2.0, ADA Section 508
  • CMS Expert – Drupal and WordPress
  • Web Expert – PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, Angular, Less, Sass and others
  • Web Performance, SEO and UX/UI


See details in the Resume page.

June 2019 – June 2020:

  1. Earned 5 Accessibility Curriculum Certificates from Deque University:
    • Native Mobile Apps Curriculum – 4 courses, 6.75 IAAP Continuing Accessibility Education Credits (CAECs)
    • IAAP WAS Certification Preparation Curriculum – 13 courses, 19.75 IAAP CAECs
    • Accessibility Program Management Curriculum – 4 courses, 4.50 IAAP CAECs
    • IAAP CPACC Certification Preparation Curriculum – 1 course, 4.50 IAAP CAECs
    • Other courses that are not part of a specific Curriculum – 10 courses, 13.25 IAAP CAECs
  2. Earned a Certificate of Completion for the “Accessible Documents: Word, PowerPoint, & Acrobat” Course by WebAIM
  3. Attended many Accessibility webinars offered by the IAAP, NFB, Siteimprove and others


Highly-talented Engineer with 16 years of Web development, Web design and product design experience and an additional 7 years of traditional programming and software development. My goal is to achieve high website standards and governance – focusing on web Accessibility, QA, SEO, Performance and User Experience.


  • Web and Document Accessibility
  • Enterprise level Drupal solutions and Architecture
  • Strong technical expertise in Drupal and WordPress
  • Guide discussions with clients, both technical and non-technical
  • Write and present technical proposals to clients
  • Focus on industry’s best practices
  • Author of company-wide web standards for Accessibility, QA, SEO, best practices, web development and web performance
  • Conduct Company wide training on web and document accessibility.
  • Process mindset – develop and improve processes to improve efficiency


  • Excellent in troubleshooting high-end technical issues
  • Detail-oriented
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong customer relationship management
  • Excellent interaction, listening and people skills
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills


Last updated: August 1, 2020


For the past year, I was the Accessibility Lead at the Law School Admission Council (LSAC).

Before I joined, LSAC had a non-existent Accessibility (A11y) guidelines, procedures or knowledge. I changed that…

  • Manager role: coached and supported team members and provided direction and leadership
  • Influential in establishing the Accessibility boundary (Department) at LSAC
  • Was the Go-to Resource for Accessibility across the organization
  • Created Policies and Guidelines, and communicated these guidelines across the organization
  • Advised all boundaries on Accessibility matters in a proactive and reactive approach
  • Coordinated and consulted with External vendors
  • Was an Integral Part of the Hiring process for new team members especially with expertise on accessibility
  • Created a new 7-page Accessibility reference section and integrated this section in the LSAC portal
  • Wrote 3 Accessibility Checklist documents to be used across the organization. These Checklists are used as self-contained accessibility compliance checks. Checklists are for PDF documents, MS Word documents and Digital Web Products
  • Conducted company wide training courses on document Accessibility (MS Word & Adobe Acrobat). Each course is 8 hours and is extensive in presentation materials, references and practical examples
  • Integrated Siteimprove web governance tool for continuous monitoring of websites. Created custom reports on A11y and Quality on a monthly basis
  • Created custom VPAT specific for LSAC based on WCAG 2.1 Level AA Conformance. Meant to assist LSAC employees and external vendors in developing or procuring accessible digital products
  • Wrote the Accessibility Vision and Action plan with the aim to build a culture of A11y awareness across the organization
  • Converted countless documents (Excel, MS Word, PDF and PowerPoint) into an accessible format for Online publishing. Supported all departments with document Accessibility issues
  • Created company wide guidelines on “Accessibility Integration and Review Process” for:
    • Electronic Documents
    • Websites, Web pages, Web Applications and Web forms
    • Procurement of Digital Assets
    • Monitoring and handling emails submitted online
  • Created a detailed A11y remediation plan for the thousands of existing PDF, Excel and Word files posted online

IT Trailblazers

Prior to Law School Admission Council and for 1 year, I was the Drupal Technical Lead and Solutions Architect at IT Trailblazers, working mainly with Pfizer. As part of my role, I provided Enterprise level Drupal solutions and Architecture for large-scale Drupal projects. Guided discussions with clients, both technical and non-technical. Involved in pre-sales discussions for new projects. Developed customized technical presentations to High Level Executives. Focused on the web industry’s best practices. Authored company wide web standards for QA, SEO, Accessibility, best practices, web development and web performance.


Prior to joining IT Trailblazers and for 2 years, I was the Senior Web Developer at Campbell Soup Company (CSC). I was responsible for all aspects of front-end and back-end development of Campbell’s public facing websites and API’s. Also I managed third party providers and contractors and ensured for their adherence to Campbell’s web development standards and processes. I supported Campbell’s digital marketing efforts for the successful achievement of intended business outcomes. I developed Campbell’s web development standards and processes and integrated Accessibility standards into Campbell’s online presence.

As part of my responsibilities at Campbell’s, I enforced accessibility standards for new websites, mitigated accessibility violations on existing public facing websites and trained co-workers and vendors on the relevant accessibility standards. I authored technical standards documentation and procedures. I am thoroughly familiar with the use of assistive technologies across multiple platforms, including screen readers, magnification, read aloud tools and eye-gaze tracking. In addition, I am personally committed to digital accessibility since a family member depends on such accessibility tools and web accessibility.

I am highly productive: I resolved 464 tickets in a year. All documented in the JIRA Software tracking system. This only included the tickets that I was directly responsible for, and it did not include other JIRA tickets that I helped the team resolve that were not my direct responsibility.

Rutgers University

Prior to Campbell Soup Company, I was the IT Application/Web Developer for the Office of Creative Services department at Rutgers University. I was responsible for programming and maintaining the department’s multi-site Drupal Content Management System (60+ Websites). Collaborated with and provided technical support to peers and other staff members and project managers. Fixed technical issues and integrated new features as they arise through the department’s Web Support ticketing system.

Princeton University

Prior to Rutgers University, I was the Web Developer and Web Designer for the Princeton Neuroscience Institute and for the Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics. Both of these websites were designed and developed by me at that time.

At Princeton University, I was the solo-developer wearing multiple hats: Web Programmer, Web designer, Content Editor, User-Friendly Website Architect, SEO, Web Accessibility Specialist, and Web performance optimizer. I consider myself to be intellectually very curious and a “life-long” learner.


Prior to Princeton University, I was the Website Developer and Designer for few months for Creative Marketing Alliance (CMA), where I developed interactive creative online products including website maintenance and enhancements and custom coding.

Blue Olive Online

Prior to Creative Marketing Alliance, I was a freelance WordPress Developer, Web developer, Web designer and Software Engineer running my Web development company, Blue Olive Online. I specialized in building WordPress Websites and other-type of Websites with functionality. My Websites were creative and built on solid technological foundations and compliance considerations. I developed Websites with great aesthetics and pure simplicity. A successful website attracts its users to further explore it. I also did custom WordPress coding.


For about 6 years, I was a blogger. I ran my own web development and design blog. I focused on Drupal, WordPress, Web development and Web Design tutorials. My goal was to teach and learn. My focus was on quality, comprehensive tutorials and not quantity. My blog posts were visited quite a bit, from the thousands to hundreds of thousands, some more than 300 thousand visitors. My WordPress code snippets were used on many websites.

My WordPress blog can be viewed in four different themes. Each theme was extensively modified in design, added custom coding and enhanced functionality.

Concurrently and for many years, I established my own consulting firm, building websites, web tools, and doing custom coding. All in the web development and design field.

Before that, I have worked as a software Engineer in the Semiconductor Industry.

Education Summary

I have 3 degrees in Electrical Engineering and in Health Physics. I also earned 112 certified courses in Document Accessibility, Web Accessibility, Web design, Web Development and Web Programming.

You know you found the right person if you are looking for:

  1. Professionalism, strict attention to detail and a passion for quality.
  2. Strong work ethics.
  3. Outstanding interpersonal skills and positive customer-focused attitude.
  4. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  5. Superb documentation skills.
  6. Strong analytical and proactive in problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.
  7. Ability to prioritize and multi-task.
  8. Efficiency, and getting the job done right.
  9. Someone who is reliable and dependable.

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