Top 7 Misconceptions with Drupal Development

Top 7 Misconceptions with Drupal Development.

Drupal is a widely-used Content Management System (CMS) preferred by a large number of business owners and developers. It is frequently being accepted as an easy-to-use, advanced and preferred framework. Drupal provides several functionalities i.e. poll management, graphics modification tool, user management and many more. All these functions make it possible to develop amazing websites, blogs, and social networking pages.

When it comes to adding new features, layout, and design; Drupal is a highly customizable framework. It is a high-class CMS that can easily integrate it with other apps like SAP, phpBB, etc. However, there are a large number of people who still have myths about Drupal development. This article will demystify all these misconceptions and make you aware of the power of Drupal.

Misconception #1: Drupal is Only Used to Create Simple Websites like Blogs

Wrong! Drupal is a framework that has the capability to develop almost everything that you can imagine on the web. Some of the very famous yet high-level websites like the White House, GE and NBC Universal were developed using Drupal. Today, 50% of the top media companies and Universities are using Drupal including Harvard, Stanford, and Princeton. Drupal is easy to install and demands fewer resources that make it ideal for creating small as well as large websites. With thousands of modules, it is easy to enhance the functionality of any website.

Misconception #2: Drupal is not a Secure CMS.

Wrong! Drupal is preferred by more than 130 countries to manage their government websites including the White House and the U.S. Department of Education. The great community of Drupal takes security very seriously. Drupal’s security team is focused on making Drupal as the most secure CMS. Drupal has an outstanding track record regarding security and security advisories are being sent out frequently. However, as any Open-Source software there nothing that guaranties a 100% secure software.

Misconception #3: It is not Suitable for Large Businesses due to Lack of Enterprise Features.

Wrong! It has been assumed that Drupal doesn’t have the advanced features necessary for creating a business website. But, that’s not the case. Drupal is an open-source content management systems that are available to create the powerful yet feature-rich business websites. was developed using Drupal and got 460 million hits on the night of Grammy’s 2014.

Misconception #4: Drupal Provides Limited Designs.

Wrong! Drupal is based on HTML, CSS, and PHP that means it can be designed according to your preferences. It is easy to make your website look like anything you want. Drupal have thousands of free themes available for your use. Themes allow you to change the look and feel of your Drupal site. With the data stored in a Database, separating content and functionality from the design, you can switch easily between different themes.

Misconception #5: Drupal Does Not Provide High SEO Functionality

Wrong! Many site owners think that Drupal doesn’t have great functionality. However, the major reason behind SEO degradation is the wrong implementation of Drupal functionalities. Drupal’s ‘Clean URLs’ feature makes your URLs readable, and precise that can be separated by slashes and hyphens. The Yoast SEO for Drupal module can be easily integrated with Search Engine reporting, analysis, and optimization tools for any kind of Drupal website. There are many Drupal modules that help you optimize your Website for Search Engines.

Misconception #6: Drupal has Inconsistent Upgrades

Wrong! Ok. I admit probably that was the case for Drupal 7 where the release cycle schedule was not strictly followed. However, with the latest major version of Drupal 8, the road map for new upgrades is clearer with a well defined release cycle schedule. Drupal’s community is constantly working on new versions (majors and minors) with a well-defined roadmap. A large number of modules are created by the community every day. Being an open source framework, Drupal provides top-notch technical advances. Keep in mind that Drupal is a free software developed by the community.

Misconception #7: Drupal is Difficult to Develop With

Partially Wrong! Yes, there is a learning curve involved for Drupal development. However, Drupal is so powerful and flexible like NO other CMS (including WordPress). WordPress is much easier to use than Drupal but WordPress is a no match to Drupal flexibility for a framework. Drupal is a fully fledged Content Management Framework (CMF) that comes with many features and functionalities out of the box. Drupal offers a dedicated administration theme which simplifies the management of any website. If you are getting your website developed by a creative developer, then you do not have to worry about the technical knowledge. Once, you master developing with Drupal and learn its power you won’t use any other CMS.


In this post, I discussed the Top 7 Misconceptions with Drupal Development. You might have heard about all the above-mentioned myths associated with Drupal web development. Now, you can spread the facts and help people make the right decision. The bottom line is that Drupal is a powerful, flexible and secure framework that makes it the most preferred choice of developers and business owners for creating amazing websites.

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