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4 Reasons to Choose Drupal Commerce – And 2 Reasons Not To

Drupal Commerce. Original image credit: drupalcamp.mk ; Modified by Boutros AbiChedid.

You have a lot of options when it comes to selecting an ecommerce platform. So why choose Drupal Commerce?

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Top 7 Misconceptions with Drupal Development

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Top 7 Misconceptions with Drupal Development.

Drupal is a widely-used Content Management System (CMS) preferred by a large number of business owners and developers. It is frequently being accepted as an easy-to-use, advanced and preferred framework. Drupal provides several functionalities i.e. poll management, graphics modification tool, user management and many more. All these functions make it possible to develop amazing websites, blogs, and social networking pages. Continue Reading »

Hacked? How To Get Back Into the WordPress Admin

Hacked? How to Get Back Into the WordPress Admin.

So your website has been hacked and you can’t log in. Your database offers a convenient backdoor to help you regain access to your WordPress Administration Screens.

Website hacking is a nightmare to businesses and web developers alike. WordPress websites come with strong security protocols which are not easy to bypass. But still they get taken down by hackers. Continue Reading »

How to Write CSS with Performance in Mind

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How to Write CSS with Performance in Mind.

Slow load times can seriously hamper the effectiveness of your page. Nearly half of web users nowadays expect a page to load in two seconds or less. If it doesn’t, many users will simply abandon the page and search for other sources and thereby missing out on the content you are hosting.

Even if they don’t, they will start off with a negative perception, which can be hard to dislodge. Continue Reading »

How Hackers Gain Access to WordPress Sites

How Hackers Gain Access to WordPress Sites.

Having a WordPress site is a common practice these days. WordPress has evolved as one of the most used content management systems over the past few years. WordPress provides its users with great features and ease of use that contribute to its popularity. WordPress enables users to easily manage their content with lots of different functionalities. Continue Reading »

4 SEO Mobile Marketing Strategies You Must Have

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SEO Mobile Marketing Strategies. Image credit: https://pixabay.com/en/seo-search-engine-optimization-1288976/

Your online web presence for desktop users is probably now about as SEO friendly as it can get. You have studied Google algorithm changes as they have occurred; you have revised your tactics and strategies so that you get those impressive back links; you have optimized your business blog and done all that you can to engage viewers so that they share your content. Continue Reading »

10 Must-Have Apps for Entrepreneurs

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Today’s entrepreneurs are being faced with an increasing number of issues, from product innovation to reputation management. The digital age has also facilitated the emergence of tech-savvy business minds, those that use mobile and web-based applications for pretty much everything. And as applications get smarter, entrepreneurs can avail the services of numerous apps that don’t just make their work easier, but can even solve routine problems faced by them. Continue Reading »

15 Killer SEO Tips for Your Landing Page

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15 SEO Tips for Your Landing Page. Image credit: Boutros AbiChedid.

You may have several landing pages on your site. After all, you want people to do different things when they land, based on where they might be in your sales funnel. A link on Facebook might bring a new visitor to a page that has a free offer, so that you can get an email address. Continue Reading »

Tips and Tricks for Awesome Mobile App Design

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Mobile App Design. Image credit: CabFix App @ 4dprime.com/cabfix.

Let’s face it. If it is not a game or a map, most apps are lists – lists from which users make selections. Your job as an App designer/developer is to make the layout appealing and to make UI easy. Designing an app for mobile just means you have less real estate to use to accomplish that great layout and user interface. Continue Reading »

Need a Great Logo Fast and Cheap? Here are 9 Awesome Logo Creation Websites

Nike Logo. Who does not recognize this logo? It was actually designed by a college student and represents the wing of the Greek Goddess, Nike. No matter what color or size, this logo represents a brand that we all know. Logos are the visual representation of a company, and they must symbolize what that company does and offers; they must help establish a connection with customers. Continue Reading »