Five Reasons for Choosing White Hat SEO

If you are looking for a short-cut method to successful SEO, STOP!

There are black hat SEO techniques…short-cuts that are considered illegal by the search engines. Never opt for black hat SEO, it will lead your Website to doom and ruin your reputation. To rank higher in SERPs, always use white hat SEO methods. They are safer, ethical and will give you long-lasting and sustainable results.

Here is how black hat SEO hampers your business and why you should use white hat search engine optimization tactics:

1. Search Engines Value Content

Writing rich content is one of the best practices of white hat SEO. Content should be optimized for search engines – keywords are used in controlled manner (avoiding keyword density) to achieve optimum results.

In black hat SEO, the content is crammed with keywords and this technique is disliked by the search engines.

2. Proper use of Meta Tags

Meta tags assist search engines to know about your Website and its purpose. They help search engines know the title of your Website, keywords it is targeting, the objective of building the Website, better indexing your Website, etc.

Black hat SEO does the reverse by filling the Meta tags with excessive keywords to achieve better search engine results. The results may be beneficial for a while but search engines will ultimately track down this method and drop the Website’s rank.

3. Significance of Website Design and Programming

White hat SEO pays emphasis on your Website´s design and development and its optimization through correct linking, design and content optimization, valid coding standards, etc.

Black hat SEO highlights hidden links and content that is not related to the site to increase internal and external linking, target keywords, etc. Visitors are thus disappointed when they find something different in your Website while looking for some other information.

A common practice is the use of invisible text stuffed with keywords to fool search engines and rank a Website higher for those keywords. This is usually done by including text of the same color as the background, not viewable by the viewer, but crawl-able by search engine spiders.

4. Apt Link Exchange

White hat SEO helps appropriate link exchange to get better results in SERPs. Black hat SEO utilize tactics like improper link exchange and creation of fake Websites that will harm your business.

5. Regular Tracking of Visitors

White hat SEO helps in the regular tracking of your visitors. On the contrary, black hat SEO focuses on earning money without attaching any importance to visitors. This unethical technique may give you high revenue, but is highly condemned by search engines. Besides, this is not a very sustainable method as far as revenue generation is concerned.

Black hat SEO techniques will give you benefits only for a short while since search engines have become quite intelligent and adaptable in tracking unethical practices. Search engines now employ effective algorithms to punish black hat SEO processes. Remember that only white hat SEO is going to give you beneficial results as far as higher page rank for your Website. Bottom line, ethical coding and SEO practices reap you long term rewards and benefits.

Your Turn to Talk

If you have something to add or anything else to say, please share your opinion in the comments section. Your opinion matters, unless it is a Spam. As a matter of fact, blog comment spam is considered a black hat SEO tactic.


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8 Responses to “Five Reasons for Choosing White Hat SEO”

  1. stanley rao says:

    I would prefer using the white hat that not just promotes your website but also increases the page ranking on google… black hat is something that challenges us with the ethics

  2. Organic traffic and authority backlinks are key factors to work on in order to build trust and influence from both search engines and users. These can only be achieved long-term through white hat SEO. Black hat SEO only give short term results, can lead your website to doom and ruin your reputation.

  3. Website Builder says:

    White hat SEO is a right way to promote any website or getting higher rankings in search engine for long term results.

  4. seo expert says:

    I have been an SEO for several years now and I’ve never once used any black hat techniques (although they are tempting), besides White hat techniques are very effective and it avoids the risk of a website being blocked by the search engine. Anyway a very helpful post. Thanks a lot.

  5. I’d rather use white hat seo than others. It’s really not that difficult to do. Plus you create a positive identity online.

  6. SEO Services says:

    Black hat techniques tends to challenge one’s ethics, as they usually involve tricking the search engine, shaping traffic, tricking the visitor.

  7. pepsharada says:

    I have read the conversation in short and told very well. As a SEO for a Video conferencing company dealing with Audio conferencing products I take care of all the things told above.

  8. Joe says:

    Don’t forget Social Media is a huge factor these days.